Follow the academic field or not: find out what your profile is

For anyone thinking about which profession to pursue, working in the academic field is an interesting alternative in many ways. This branch allows you to dedicate yourself to the study of many sciences, arts and professions, in addition to being able to teach, travel to congresses, meet the greatest specialists in the field of study and become more and more specialized.

Understand the characteristics of the academic professional to know if this is the right path for you.

The profile of the academic area

Even though each individual has particular characteristics, those who work in the academic world share a profile that brings together specific qualities and skills.

Interest in studies

Enjoying reading and studying is essential for those who decide on this branch, after all that will be the main task of their workday. Studying is the basis for those who want to pursue an academic career, and professionals in the field never stop updating.

Aptitude for writing

Although writing, like any skill, can be improved over time, liking writing articles and books is essential for anyone who continues in this area. Planning, researching, writing and proofreading are part of the academic routine.

A logical and analytical look

Working with research usually means being more attentive and drawing conclusions from logical thinking and analyzing data and information.


Being part of the academic field means writing articles and presenting papers frequently, so academic professionals must be creative to generate content and choose topics that contribute to their research.

Communication skills

A good part of the professionals in this area is made up of professors, and even those who are not required to present work in seminars and congresses. Knowing how to communicate and deal with people is very important.

These are some of the basic characteristics of academic professionals, but others also come in handy. Knowing a second language, for example, can open many doors. Being punctual, disciplined and organized is also essential.

But what does a professional in the academic field do on a daily basis?

The academic routine

The routine of a professional in this area is very varied and depends on what type of contract or scholarship he has at the institution. Whoever is a university professor, for example, needs to prepare and teach classes, something that a researcher does not need to do daily. However, being only a researcher is increasingly rare.

Some common duties of these professionals are to guide students in undergraduate and graduate courses, develop research, prepare scientific articles, participate in the production of books and perform functions in administrative departments in universities and colleges.

In addition, the academic usually participates in events in the area, such as congresses, lectures and seminars, and compose evaluation and defense boards for course completion works, dissertations. Master’s and doctoral theses, helping other professionals in the field to improve their own research.

Tips for those who want to pursue the academic field

Check out some tips for those who want to be part of the academic world.

Start early

If you already realized, during graduation, that you want to pursue an academic career, start preparing. Go to events, join scientific initiation groups and participate in tutoring that will help you in the future.

Study a lot

Your career is based on your studies. Strive to always learn more and grow as a professional, do not limit yourself to the average, ask teachers for help and get reading recommendations to improve even more.

Make contacts

Being a good academic professional depends on good networking. Get closer to professors, graduate students and colleagues who are interested in the same field as you.

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