Home office: know if you are prepared to work at home

Companies around the world have enabled their employees to work in a home office. The sport may seem quiet, but it requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Do you want to know if you are ready to act with this option? Continue your reading!

Does your company allow working from home?

Today, many companies let their employees choose whether they want to work remotely. There are also types of work that you can do from home, without an employment relationship, such as having a workshop in the garage or doing translations for several clients using the computer.

Some activities, however, require your presence in specific places, which makes the home office impossible.

Are you self-sufficient?

Working in home office you will not have a team leader charging for your projects all the time. In this scenario, if you do not build the discipline to charge yourself and motivate yourself to continue producing, the business will not prosper. So, those who have no initiative and self-motivation can face problems in the home office regime.

Your family (or your roommate) supports?

This question is for those who do not live alone: ​​will your spouse, children, parents or roommates provide the necessary support? Because working at home with people making noise and asking for favors all day is much more difficult. They must understand that even though you are at home, you are not available. And that’s not always easy.

Are you prepared for instability?

Those who work from home, without employment, need to plan and organize themselves a lot to avoid difficulties. So, if the plan is to be autonomous, think about whether you are prepared for fluctuations – financial and emotional.

3 tips for those who want to work from home

If you believe you are prepared for the home office , check out some tips that will help you – be you a collaborator company or a self-employed person.

1. Have routines

Many people want to work from home because they believe they will be able to wake up late and work in their pajamas all the time. But that behavior wipes out your productivity. Find a routine that works well for you and have the discipline to follow it every day. In fact, set a time to leave work – that moment when you are going to disconnect from everything and get back to your personal life.

2. Have a workplace

Choose a specific location that will be your office, where no one can disturb you, preferably a quiet room that can be locked. Organize your space with everything you need to work and leave it to you, making it a stimulus to enter the “work mode” and not lose focus.

3. Get organized

Since you don’t have a list of tasks predetermined by a boss, create your own. Abuse calendars, apps, notes, calendars and planners to keep up with your goals. Remember to be a good leader and a good employee.

Working in home office can be a challenging experience. But, if it has to do with your profile, it’s worth a try!

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